The Zing DifferenceWe pride ourselves on being an honest, straight-forward title company (maybe it’s that Midwestern background). That means there are no hidden costs – such as expensive extra courier costs (envelopes and shipping simply don’t cost $85) or mandatory attorney fees – to be discovered in our final invoice. We’re up front with our pricing and you’re never going to be sent “surprise” fees throughout the transaction. It might seem innovative, but while the Zing Title team is always proud to think outside of the box, we also think it’s the right thing to do.

Zing Title has expert lawyers on staff to handle issues when they arise, but most transactions don’t need an attorney to get them done. Call us generous if you want, but we don’t believe you or your clients should be billed for an attorney, unless one is actually required for the transaction.

Zing Title is built on a foundation of trusted expertise, efficient communication and innovative solutions. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your deal closed on time and make sure that it is as hassle-free as possible. We know you’re looking for an expert for your property needs who you can rely on no matter what. If your next transaction is in Florida, Zing Title wants to help get your deal done.

We’re happy to provide you an honest quote and then sit down and explain the estimate more in-depth if you need convincing our pricing model is the best for any buyer or seller in Southeast Florida. We believe that our more inclusive pricing compares favorably to our competition and all their nickel and diming. Working with us will not be cumbersome, infuriating or whatever bad word you have used to describe your title agent in the past.

You’ve worked hard to get the transaction to the closing table and should expect your title agency to show that same level of dedication when bringing the deal home. Zing Title is ready to show you exactly what having that hard-working, reliable partner looks like.