Sellers Checklist

A Sellers Checklist can be a helpful tool when selling your home.  Your closing should be a happy event.  This section of our site will offer advice both to the Seller and to the Buyer as to what they can expect at the closing, as well as items that are applicable to all parties.  Zing has the talent and experience of our parent company Liberty Title.  Having handled over 40,000 transactions in the last five years between Zing Title and our parent company Liberty Title, we have seen it all–we know how to provide a smooth closing.

If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, it means you may want to act on your own. If not, we urge you to call your local real estate professional.

-Set the right selling price?
-Create and place effective advertising?
-Groom and improve the property so it will sell for top dollar?
-Screen potential buyers?
-Protect against undesirable callers?
-Extract an offer to purchase?
-Negotiate objectively?
-Make a “hard close”?
-Negotiate financing alternatives?
-Protect yourself in escrow?
-Arrange sale terms for the best tax effects?
-Avoid guarantees to buyer that will obligate you later?
-Remain in the house if it should not sell for a long time?