Our Security Partners

Did you know that in 2020, cyber criminals stole over $200 million from 13,638 real estate fraud victims? Most often, cyber criminals hack emails, impersonate title companies and spoof real estate agents in an effort to trick people into sending funds to fraudulent bank accounts that they control. Phishing schemes abound and cyber criminals are always finding new ways to breakthrough security measures.

Here at Zing Title, we are committed to getting your deal closed safely and securely! We are an industry leader in maintaining stringent security protocols and protecting customer data. We partner with some of the best in the cybersecurity business to always stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. Our security partnerships include the following:

  • ClosingLock: The premiere platform for wiring funds! With encrypted wire instructions for maximum security and an easy-to-use interface, ClosingLock makes wiring funds seamless while giving peace of mind that your money is safe.

  • ZingPay: Earnest money deposits can be made on this encrypted, secure, hassle-free platform.

  • DocuSign: A trusted industry leader in getting documents signed securely. Integrated with our security protocol to provide customers with the ease of signing documents digitally – and safely.

  • Resware: Our comprehensive software for file processing. Protects customer data, manages audit thresholds and requirements, and helps us meet underwriter guidelines, state requirements, and the American Land Title Association’s best practices for security.

  • Zix Encrypt: A Microsoft-backed platform that keeps sensitive emails secure. Employs filters to automatically identify sensitive information and trigger email encryption or quarantine.

  • Rynoh-Live: Our partner in financial management that delivers complete oversight of accounts for faster error discovery and correction. Balances our trust account every 20 minutes and allows separate audit eyes “real time” access to this account.

  • Trinet Security: A team of tech professionals who monitor our computer network and constantly updates our firewalls.