Checklist for Homeowners in Florida

To assist you in your decision, we’ve provided a homeowner’s checklist.
If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, it means you may want to act on your own. If not, we urge you to call your local real estate professional.

-Set the right selling price?
-Create and place effective advertising?
-Groom and improve the property so it will sell for top dollar?
-Screen potential buyers?
-Protect against undesirable callers?
-Extract an offer to purchase?
-Negotiate objectively?
-Make a “hard close”?
-Negotiate financing alternatives?
-Protect yourself in escrow?
-Arrange sale terms for the best tax effects?
-Avoid guarantees to buyer that will obligate you later?
-Remain in the house if it should not sell for a long time?

Make it easy on yourself!


For every good reason it makes sense to list with a real estate professional.

We should know, as a division of Liberty Title, we have the experience of working closely with real estate brokers and agents for over 42 years. We know how invaluable they are in any real estate transaction. They can save you  money, time and disappointment.

Whether your home is for sale “By Owner” or listed with a real estate agent, choose Zing Title for all your closing and title insurance needs.

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