We follow the best business standards in the industry to make sure our clients have the most protection and trust in Zing Title when it comes to their real estate closing needs. These practices come from the American Land Title Association. When you choose to work with Zing Title, you should expect only the most professional and ethical experience. Following these practices ensures that we are always doing what we can to deliver on that promise.



The Seven ALTA Best Practice

1) Having the proper licensing

2) Ensuring that a company has proper procedures regarding escrow services

3) Having a procedure protecting non-public personal information

4) Ensuring that a company has proper closing procedure

5) Guaranteeing proper delivery after a deal

6) Being properly insured in case of errors

7) Having an avenue for consumer complaints regarding poor service

Simply put, these standards reinforce the ideas and practices that we have been doing for years. We proudly make sure that we obtain all needed licenses and are constantly evaluating our procedures that govern compiling and delivering your deal to ensure we are running as securely and efficiently as possible. As part of that pledge to security, we can proudly say protecting our customer’s information is of upmost priority at Zing Title.

We carry the appropriate level of insurance in case of any errors and, if necessary, customers can lodge a complaint about their experience here.

Zing Title is a committed to keeping current with Florida laws and industry recommendations. We have our own staff attorneys at our disposal if any issues do arise and are proudly independently owned. Our only interest is our clients and doing all we can to deliver the exceptional closing experience they deserve.